Le Sirenuse POSITANO – Garden Design

Le Sirenuse POSITANO – Garden Design

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Limited edition surfboard.
The Garden design combines imagery representing the beautiful azure ocean and garden life of the Amalfi Coast. Carla Sersale and Nusa Indah bring you a hand-crafted, visually beautiful surfboard that will bring you a sense of travel and adventure, whether that be on the waves or from the comfort of your walls at home. 

All our boards come with fins and a protective cotton board slip. Each board is hand-crafted so expect a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks from your order date.

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Board Specifications:
This design is available as a Fish, Classic or Mini Mal surfboard.

For detailed specifications and size options please visit our Board Guide page. Once you've purchased a board we'll be in contact to tailor the size to your specific needs and style of surfing.