Board Guide

It’s important to select the right board for your ability, so we’ve put together this board guide to help you choose the perfect shape.

Tank Girl: Swallow Tail Fish

The Fish is usually seen skipping across 2-4 foot Summer waves at speed. Pushing the limits in up to six foot waves its agility is awesome.

The Fish is a shorter board with lots of volume, making paddling into waves much easier.

We've just discovered that with its excellent stability it can also double as a great board for an under 10 to ride- if you're willing to share it!

Tank Girl comes in sizes from 5'4 to 6'0.




Bjork: Classic Square Tail

Anything but the normal board in the range… High performance, she has classic lines, a narrow nose, and square tail.

Great for the medium to experienced surfer, she’s capable of anything you are.

Bjork comes in sizes from 6' to 6'7.

Available in Round or Square tail shapes.

Thelma and Louise: Mini Mal

This board steals all the waves. A 7’0 performance board with 2 + 1 fin set up, plus more length and volume gives you the momentum to catch everything.

It's the perfect all-rounder to get you through sloppy onshore Summer fun as well as those glassy, hollow days.

Suitable for both beginner and experienced riders, we love the style of the pin tail for more proficient surfers.

Thelma and Louise comes as a standard 7'0 size. Available in Pin or Rounded tail shapes.