Samantha Wills

Amethyst Solstice Feature


Nusa Indah was featured in Samantha Wills Blog post 'Surf-Luxe':

"Inspired by our latest collection, Amethyst Solstice, we are loving all things surf-luxe. The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is a beautifully luxe surfboard - a true form of art. While high-end brands like Chanel & Alexander Wang pioneered the 'fashion surfboard' 3-4 years ago, we can't help but be obsessed with amazing local designers; with our favourite being Nusa Indah, based in Forster, NSW.

We recently spoke to founder & designer, Jada, after she lent us a bespoke, traditional Balinese Batik inlay board to feature in our Amethyst Solstice campaign, shot right here in Sydney (with our ultimate SW muse, Zoe Cross). Gain an insight into the inspiration behind her brand & designs below, as she tells us about the ways in which she personally resonated with Samantha's own story".


My love affair with Indonesia gave me a taste for good waves and exposed me to the beautiful world of ancient textile design and print. Over the years and many trips later, I have sourced and collected many treasured Batik and silk textiles. Once my personal board garnered public interest, I began work on Nusa Indah Surfboards to make them available to the modern bohemian woman; she who is adventurous in spirit, and has an appreciation for quality, hand-crafted goods. Nusa Indah Surfboards are adorned in Balinese motif, sourced and exclusive artist designs, and they are designed to enhance your walls as easily as they define your performance in the water.

I connected with Samantha online, years after discovering and admiring her hand-crafted jewellery she sold at the markets, and resonating with her story of coming from a small country town and self-taught approach to her craft. When I reached out to her, I had no expectation of a reply, but after a mutual appreciation of each others work and an invitation to feature my boards in her Amethyst Solstice Campaign, I jumped at the opportunity. And as they say, the rest is history!...

– Jada X