'Nusa Indah’s Covetable Custom Surfboards Bring Art to the Ocean.'

Nusa Indah was featured on VOGUE.COM 'Nusa Indah’s Covetable Custom Surfboards Bring Art to the Ocean':

"They design and manufacture bespoke boards not found in any run of the mill surf shop. Instead, they’re rendered in head-turning patterns that draw from both McNeil’s immediate environment and her travels abroad. “I see color combinations in seashells, or patterned tiles in crumbling walls, or shapes in architecture and art,” she tells Vogue."

“Her signature surfboards came to life in 2009, when the first Nusa Indah creation—covered in a green floral batik pattern sourced during her honeymoon to Indonesia—was completed. "The beaten up, yellowed board in the corner was not so appealing, so it worked in the same way that a new pair of runners or a new dress make you feel good, ready and inspired to get back out there socially and actively. I was seeking that same motivation and incentive to get back in the water."


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