Our Shapers

Every Nusa Indah Surfboard is hand-crafted by expert shapers on the beautiful East Coast of Australia, or by our Australian managed team off-shore, who can execute the most incredible finishes and make our boards accessible to the world.

"I have a team of Australian craftsmen who over-see and hand-finish each board to design specifications. These craftsmen have been selected on their ability to support my design aesthetic whilst having the skills to create quality high performance surfboards. We love to support local talent where possible."

– Jada McNeil 

Rod Rose in his workshop glassing our Lulu DK Surfboards.

Rod Rose in his workshop glassing our Lulu DK Surfboards.

Please meet some valued members of our team.

Rod Rose has been shaping custom made boards for over 30 years. As more pop-out surfboards are manufactured overseas each year, and as more shapers embrace computer shaping technology, Rod remains committed to the traditional methods of board construction.

Lance Jagoe, our expert glasser, has been working alongside Rod for the past 18 years, producing artwork quality finishes.

This fits well with our penchant for quality, hand-crafted products - Nusa Indah Surfboards are bespoke, from the hand-printed fabric inlays to the hand-crafted shaping and glassing, that’s what makes each one so special.